The City of Brotherly Love

Just got back from yet another super quick trip... this time to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I had a great time hanging out with Peter Slavin of Fear No Ice & Kevin Gregory of Ice Concepts. They both took really good care of me on this trip and for that I am forever grateful.

I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this documentary. I still have a few more trips planned within the next few months.

the Big Apple

I'm back home from a super quick/exhausting trip to NYC...
I had the pleasure to spend some time with Takeo & Shintaro of Okamoto Studios.
These guys offer up yet another unique perspective to the current/future US ice industry.
As with every sculptor I've taped... It was an honor to watch Takeo perform his craft.
Thanks guys for accommodating to my super tight schedule. I cant wait to revisit.

I also want to thank my good friend Rick for helping me out with this tough trip.

Fear No....

Once again Im falling behind on updating this blog....

A little over a month ago, I got a chance to fly out to Seattle for a second interview with Kevin Rosco of Cascade Crystal Ice & Fear No Ice. As expected we got some great material for the documentary. Kevin was a great host... there is no possible way the trip would have happened without all his help.
Kevin is also a great chef (no surprise)
Thanks Kevin!! I hope to visit you again some time in the future.

NICA 2009 National Championship

Below are a few images that my brother & I took during the competition in Downers Grove, IL. I will upload more soon. Thanks for everyone from NICA for making our visit happen.

Congratulations to all the winners!

The calm before the ice storm...

Today was a pretty laid-back day for us. Most of the day was spent on the road.... below is a time lapse of our drive from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Downers Grove, Illinois.

We also got to document the registration/pre-meeting for the NICA Nationals. The competition starts early tomorrow morning. Be on the look out for updates on footage & interviews of this yearly event.

The Ice Gurus

Just had a great day with Randy Finch & Derek Maxfield of Ice Sculptures Ltd. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What a creative bunch.... They were very accommodating and their wonderful staff had no issues working around us as we took up every working area they had.

Being from Texas, I am definitely not used to this weather..... Especially when the temperature inside the freezer is actually warmer than it is outside. But, I am enjoying every minute of this exhausting trip.
I must thank my brother Michael for helping me out with everything, from helping with production, taking these awesome photos & just making me laugh... the trip would not be the same without my big brother by my side.

Next stop: Chicago, Illinois!

Back on track

Started the day off in Texas with an early morning flight to Chicago for an interview with Jim Nadeau of Nadeau's Ice Sculptures Inc. Yet another great interview to add to the documentary. He gave us a tour of his company based in Forest Park, Illinois. 
After leaving Chicago and driving through a blizzard... what really topped the day off was making new friends with the Michigan Highway Patrol. My brother/assistant & I got pulled over near Holland, Michigan for failing to signal while changing lanes (which is something they take pretty serious up here). At least they weren't concerned that we were going way over 70 mph. During our brief road side visit, the officers seem to show some interest in this project... Looks like we possibly have some new fans outside of the ice industry!! All in all is was a very productive/entertaining/scary day.

No ticket issued :)


Hello all.

I just want to apologize for not keeping up with the blog. I have still been shooting interviews and staying in contact with the ice sculpting world. Although production of the documentary has slowed down some, I still plan on finishing the project. My original goal was to have it completed for submission to Sundance 2010 Film Festival this September, but I will probably not be done shooting interviews & b-roll footage by then. Therefore, I will continue until the project is done as I see fit.

I greatly appreciate all the emails, phone calls & offers of help.
Next stop Chicago for the NICA Nationals!! Look for updates soon!
Alex Luster

Texas Snow

Who says it doesnt snow in Texas? I'm sure they havent met Reverend Butter yet.
I got a chance to see him in action at the annual 'Orange Show Gala' in downtown Houston, Texas this past weekend. His performance consisted of two blocks of ice, 4 chainsaws, 1 rock band & 1 dj.
A special thanks to the DLG staff, the Orange Show & everyone @ the David Addicks studio.